What should be on your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Checklist?

What should be on your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Checklist?

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

One of your first chances to see your finished house is a PDI. Your builder will lead you through a thorough inspection and may give you a demonstration of how to use the home’s systems, such as the plumbing, heating, and ventilation. ​

To confirm that these conditions existed prior to occupancy, any item that is broken, incomplete, missing, or not performing properly should be indicated on the builder’s PDI Form. It should also be mentioned if anything hasn’t been installed or finished. You or your representative will be required to sign the PDI Form following the inspection.


Pre-construction Condos: Your PDI Checklist 

General interior of a condo

  • Do the walls have any dents and scratches?
  • Are you satisfied with the paint job?
  • Are there any screws or nails sticking from the walls?
  • All of the lighting devices were put correctly, right?
  • Are there any broken light switches? (Turn them on and off!)
  • Work all of the outlets? (To test them all, bring a phone and charger or a hairdryer.)
  • What does the floor look like? The hardwood may have some scratches or dents.


  • Do both hot and cold water flow from the faucet?
  • Does the sink have a rapid, leak-free drain?
  • Do the cabinets and drawers open and close smoothly?
  • Have you installed every upgrade and option you chose?
  • Are you able to consult all of the equipment instructions there?


  • The balcony railings appear to be strong and secure.
  • Do the glass walls of the balcony seem strong and secure as well?
  • Is the balcony floor designed with drainage system?

What if I forget to highlight a problem during the PDI?

The PDI gives you the chance to document the state of your house before you move in. Any problems should be documented on a PDI Form, and in a perfect world, your builder would immediately fix them. If you omit to note an item on the PDI Form, your warranty coverage may not be affected because it does not serve as a request for warranty service. If you are having a conciliation inspection, the PDI Form is a helpful piece of evidence, though, since it may be challenging to prove that an issue existed before you moved in if it is not indicated on the form.

Document and report the situation right away, for example by taking pictures and emailing your builder, if you discover a damaged or missing item after you take possession that was not included on your PDI Form. This documentation will help prove that the issue was there at the time you took ownership of your new house.

A 30-Day or Year-End Form must be filled out for any issues that have not been resolved by the time you move in. The items specified on these forms are requests for warranty service, and your builder is required to take care of them within a certain amount of time.


Tips for a Successful PDI

  • Be cordial with the local representatives you are interacting with. Usually, one or two persons handle all of the PDIs for the building; they may inform you of the remaining tasks. Make it simple for them to assist you because they are frequently quite choosy.
  • Be picky. Although the developer’s reps work for the builder, depending on the flaw, they may be direct with you. Either they will admit it or they will say that the builder won’t fix it, replace it, etc.
  • Observe patience! Your PDI and this time are both yours. Allow the representative to take their time, but don’t monopolise their day either. Arrive early for the appointment and bring your checklist with you.
  • Even though every area must be examined, the kitchen and bathrooms are the most crucial. This area of your condo contains the most moving parts and the most potential for problems.
  • Observe the particulars! Open every cupboard, turn on every faucet, flush every toilet, shut every door, and check every wall. It’s possible that something was installed incorrectly, so don’t be shy about pointing it out.
  • Take a companion with you. More eyeballs are always better! Bring your agent, a friend, your parents, etc., especially if you want to rent it out or sell it soon after.
  • Before your PDI, go over your APS (Agreement of Purchase and Sale) once more. There will be many timetables, including one for features and finishes. Verify that you are receiving what was promised by comparing what you see with what you have been given.
  • The 30-day Tarion form is still available if there was anything you missed during the PDI. If you discover a “deficiency” after taking possession, you have 30 days to contact Tarion.
  • Bring a flashlight and a tape measure. While the builders floor plan will serve as a reference for furniture placement, now is your chance to determine the precise amount of room you have for the couch, dining table, or bed. Keep in mind that the builder is permitted to make minor changes to the area, so it can differ from the original layout. Have a flashlight handy in case the power goes out while the builder is working on a particular area of the structure. Remember to bring a small hairdryer or your iPhone charger as well to test the outlets.

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