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Anyone looking to buy a home will quickly realize that many types of houses are available in Canada. The variety can be beneficial for any potential homeowner since it gives you different options. What you’ll eventually choose will often depend on your location, needs and budget.

Detached:A detached home is one of the most popular types of houses in Canada since it stands on its own and doesn’t share any walls with other homes. In addition, most detached homes have a front yard and backyard, so they’re great for families looking for additional space.

Semi-detached:Semi-detached homes come in different sizes, but they all have one thing in common: a wall you share with another home. Semi-detached homes may also have some other shared elements, such as a fence or driveway.

Townhouses:Townhouses are a row of homes where each unit shares walls on both sides with their neighbours. That said, the end units have only one shared wall, so they’re similar to a semi-detached.

Condominiums:Condominiums, or condos for short, are large buildings that contain many units. Each unit has an individual owner, but there could be many common elements such as the lobby, fitness centre, parking garage, pool, yard, and more.

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Simcoe Woods By Rosehaven Homes in Innisfil


Move in 2027

Innisfil    ||     Register Now

Simcoe Woods is a new townhome  and detached home development by Rosehaven Homes currently in preconstruction at Innisfil, ON. Reasons to Buy Prime Location: Choosing to invest in Simcoe Woods provides the advantage of an exceptional location. Situated just a brief five-minute drive from the shores of Lake Simcoe, residents can bask in the serenity of lakeside […]

Heartwood by Cachet By Cachet Homes in Woodstock


Move in 2025

Woodstock    ||     Register Now

Heartwood by Cachet is a new detached home development by Cachet Homes currently in preconstruction at Woodstock, ON. Reasons to Buy Prime Location and Connectivity: Consider investing in Heartwood by Cachet for its exceptional location nestled between Brantford and London, providing seamless connectivity to the Greater Toronto Area via nearby highways 401 and 403, as well as […]

Juniper gate by Remington group in Georgetown


Move in 2025

Georgetown    ||     Register Now

Juniper gate is a new condo development by Remington group currently in preconstruction at Georgetown, ON. Reasons to Buy Prime Location: Positioned at the intersection of Hartwell Road and No. 10 Side Road in Georgetown, Juniper Gate enjoys a prime location that seamlessly combines convenience with serenity. Residents benefit from easy access to essential amenities such as […]

Riverbend by Ritz Homes in New Hamburg


Move in 2025

New Hamburg    ||     Register Now

Riverbend is a new townhome development by Ritz Homes currently in preconstruction at New Hamburg, ON. Reasons to Buy Prime Location Scenic Setting: Riverbend is located in the charming town of New Hamburg, offering a peaceful environment with beautiful natural surroundings. Convenient Accessibility: The development is well-connected to nearby cities like Kitchener and Waterloo, providing easy […]

Southpoint by Ritz homes in Cambridge


Move in 2025

Cambridge    ||     Register Now

Southpoint is a new townhome and detached home development by Ritz homes currently in preconstruction at Cambridge, ON. Reasons to Buy Prime Location and Connectivity: Southpoint by Ritz Homes is strategically located in the vibrant city of Cambridge, offering residents the best of both worlds – a serene suburban atmosphere with easy access to urban […]

Hills trail by Ritz homes in Kitchener


Move in 2027

Kitchener    ||     Register Now

Hills trail is a new detached home development by Ritz homes currently in preconstruction at Kitchener, ON. Reasons to Buy Prime Location and Scenic Beauty: Hills Trail by Ritz Homes is ideally located in a picturesque setting, offering residents the perfect blend of natural beauty and convenient access to urban amenities. Nestled amidst rolling hills and […]

Empire Riverland By Empire Communities in Breslau


Move in 2027

Breslau    ||     Register Now

Empire Riverland is a new townhome and detached home development by Empire Communities currently in preconstruction at Breslau, ON. Reasons to Buy Prime Location and Accessibility: Situated strategically within the picturesque township of Woolwich, Empire Riverland enjoys an advantageous location just a brief 15-minute drive from the bustling metropolitan center of Kitchener-Waterloo. This prime placement offers […]

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