For many buyers, a property inspection is an essential piece of due diligence. Having an impartial expert assess the systems, components, and overall condition of a house allows purchasers to make a truly informed decision. That said, condo hunters are often less sure about whether they should take this step. While there are benefits associated […]

Pre Construction Condo Closing costs

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What is Pre-Construction Down Payment?

When we decide to purchase the investment property we first decide if we will buy a new condo means a pre- construction or we will buy a resale one which will close sooner than the pre-construction condo. And the major difference is the down payment. And that is something to consider when we are investing […]

Pre-Construction buying process The Process 1) Reach out to an agent Once you’ve decided that investing in a brand new unit is the right choice for you, it’s time to get started! Reach out to an agent with expertise in the pre-construction market. They’ll get the ball rolling by discussing your needs and locating suitable […]