Toronto Rental Rates Set to Drop in 2024

Toronto rental rates are projected to drop in the coming months, leaving landlords feeling the pressure. As we dive into the annual pre-rental season update, the data points towards a decrease in rental rates as we enter the spring and summer season. A combination of factors, including reduced population growth, excess supply, and challenging economic conditions, are contributing to this trend.

The Current State of the Toronto Rental Market

The Toronto rental market is currently experiencing a 10-year high in active listings, providing tenants with an unprecedented abundance of options. This surge in supply is largely due to the occupancy and closing of numerous preconstruction condos, which are adding a significant number of units to the market simultaneously. As a result, aggressive price drops are being observed in these new precon units as landlords compete to minimize vacancy.

Factors Influencing Toronto Rental Rates

Several key factors are contributing to the projected drop in Toronto rental rates:

  • Reduction in population growth, with the Liberals planning to decrease temporary resident growth from 6.2% to 5% by 2027
  • Excess supply of rental units due to the occupancy of preconstruction condos
  • Troubling economic conditions, leading tenants to room together to save costs

The Impact of Population Growth on Condo Rental Prices in Toronto

Population growth plays a crucial role in the demand for rental units. The Liberal government’s plan to reduce temporary resident growth, coupled with a decrease in permanent resident applications and a shrinking student population from India, is expected to slow down the overall population growth in Toronto. While the population will still grow, the acceleration will decrease, impacting the demand for rental units.

Navigating the Toronto Rental Market in 2024

Landlords and tenants should expect temporary turbulence in the rental market throughout 2024. To navigate this challenging period:

  • Landlords should avoid increasing rents to prevent tenant turnover, as tenants may find better deals elsewhere
  • Precon buyers with rental units coming to market should drop rental prices to minimize vacancy, as the cost of vacancy is high due to current interest rates

Despite the temporary challenges, the long-term outlook suggests that supply and demand will eventually stabilize once the excess inventory is absorbed.

Toronto Rental Supply and Demand: A Silver Lining

While the rental market is experiencing a temporary abundance of supply due to precon completions, there is still enough demand to absorb these units, albeit at lower prices. Vacancy rates in Toronto remain below 2-3%, which is considered very low. Once the excess inventory is absorbed, the rental market is likely to return to its normal state, although massive rent growth may not be expected in the near future.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Will the population of Toronto decrease due to the reduction in temporary resident growth?

A: No, the population of Toronto will not decrease. It will continue to grow, but at a slower pace compared to the previous year.

Q: Should I increase my rental rates to keep up with inflation?

A: In the current market conditions, it is advisable not to increase rental rates, as this may prompt tenants to seek better deals elsewhere, leading to potential vacancy.

Q: How long will the turbulence in the Toronto rental market last?

A: The turbulence in the Toronto rental market is expected to be temporary, lasting until the excess inventory from preconstruction condos is absorbed. Once this happens, the market is likely to stabilize, although significant rent growth may not occur immediately.

As we navigate the Toronto rental market in 2024, it’s essential for landlords and tenants to stay informed and adapt to the changing conditions. While the short-term outlook presents challenges, the long-term prospects remain positive, with supply and demand expected to balance out once the market absorbs the current excess inventory.

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