Top 10 Cleanest and Greenest Cities in Canada

Top 10 Cleanest and Greenest Cities in Canada

Canada is a nation committed to environmental preservation, and many of its cities have made substantial efforts to build sustainable neighborhoods. This article will examine Canada’s top ten greenest and cleanest cities, showcasing each one’s distinct approach to sustainable living.

1. Kelowna, British Columbia:

When you’re in Kelowna, take a big breath since the city boasts some of Canada’s greatest air quality. Kelowna was ranked among the top two cities in the country for having the finest air according to the AirGenius Awards. The city has previously supported objectives that limit urban expansion, and enhance energy usage in buildings to become one of the first sustainable communities in Canada.

Kelowna British Columbia

2. Devon, Alberta:

The city earned the CAMA Environmental Award 2016 for its Municipal Solar Programme and aspires to be one of Canada’s first net-zero municipalities. Devon launched the Devon Environmental Sustainable Awards to honor and reward nearby companies that use environmentally friendly business practices as part of its ongoing drive towards green energy projects.

Devon Alberta

3. Whitehorse, Yukon:

The city has its own Sustainability Plan, which outlines 12 long-term objectives with 2020, 2030, and 2050 as the deadlines. This involves efforts to compost, recycle, and reuse materials to achieve zero waste status, green infrastructure and buildings, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Whitehorse, Yukon

4. Muskoka, Ontario:

Sustainability is not just important in Muskoka; it is one of the District Council’s strategic priorities. To prevent the consequences of climate change, this involves learning about the local environment, improving transportation to reduce pollution, and collaborating with businesses to promote greener infrastructure and community planning.

Muskoka, Ontario

5. Montreal, Quebec:

As an ICLEI member, Montreal was among the first cities to ratify the National Geographic Society’s Geotourism Charter, and it continues to advance sustainability. Quebec is a trailblazer with its environmentally friendly metro vehicles, green structures like the well-known La Tohu and Maison du Developpement Durable, and discussions of constructing the first “solar highway” in Canada.

Montreal, Quebec

6. Aurora, Ontario:

Here, the phrase “Keep Aurora Clean” isn’t merely thrown about. As an ICLEI member, Aurora has six green projects to maintain a clean and safe community. This includes events like Aurora Cleanup Day, workshops on indoor gardening, and an app that allows users to monitor their water consumption to win rewards and rebates.

Aurora, Ontario

7. North Battleford, Saskatchewan:

When it comes to the greenest cities, we frequently focus on the sky, but the ground beneath your feet is just as significant. For its Biosolids Management Programme, North Battleford received the CAMA Environmental Award in 2015. The technology for turning biosolids into fertilizer for industrial usage was implemented in the city in 2014, making it the first municipality in Western Canada to do so.

North Battleford

8. Edmonton, Alberta:

Despite being recognized for its oil legacy, Edmonton is working to usher in a new, more environmentally friendly era. Edmonton aggressively promotes the use of street cars, light railways, and wastewater recycling as an ICLEI member. The city has a tonne of ecological efforts as well, including switching to LED street lights.


9. Calgary, Alberta:

Calgary has been a member of ICLEI since 1992, therefore it is well-versed in the requirements for being a green city. It routinely ranks among the cleanest cities worldwide, not just in Canada. It was even awarded the cleanest city in 2015 by Mercer Global. The focus on water waste in Calgary is partially to blame for this.

Calgary Alberta

10. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories:

Soon, Yellowknife will be renowned for both its vast open expanses and its little green carts. The new Centralised Composting Programme, which encourages households to compost their organic waste and then have the city collect it for use as fertilizer in the future, includes these carts. The landfill should be cut in half, and greenhouse gas emissions should be drastically decreased.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Canada is a nation that takes pride in its pristine environment and dedication to environmental preservation. The ten cities mentioned in this article serve as examples of the enormous efforts Canada has made to build sustainable communities. These ten cities, which are centered on sustainability and environmental awareness, receive high scores for their green efforts and dedication to reducing their total environmental effect. All the above mentioned cities are perfect for living and buying pre-construction homes and condos.





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