The Ultimate Comparison Guide for Homebuyers: Condo vs House vs Townhouse

The Ultimate Comparison Guide for Homebuyers: Condo vs House vs Townhouse

Home ownership is a distant memory.

Condos and townhouses are popular housing options in cities where individual home ownership may not be feasible. It is not for everyone to own a whole house.

Condos and townhouses provide a similar experience to home ownership without some of the drawbacks.

If you’re thinking about buying a home but aren’t sure which type is best for you, keep reading for our comparison of condo vs house vs townhouse.


Let’s start with detached houses, or simply houses. While home ownership is something to be proud of, it is not for everyone.

Every homeowner has a unique situation as well as a set of goals and constraints. When you buy a house, you also buy the land on which it sits. Depending on your priorities, this can be a pro or a con.

A house may be the best option if you want a large yard or outdoor space for your family. Houses frequently include garages that can be used as workshops for your hobbies.

Houses vary in size, and you can buy one based on how much space you require. Having more space, on the other hand, means having more to maintain.

Owning a home entails being in charge of exterior and lawn maintenance. Gardening and landscaping are enjoyable hobbies for some people. Others see it as anything from a minor inconvenience to an impossible task.

If you live in a neighbourhood, you will almost certainly be required to pay homeowners association dues. These fees are usually not prohibitively expensive, but the services they cover are limited.

Standard HOA fees cover only snow removal, trash collection, and road maintenance.

Location, Location, Location

Many houses are in rural areas, far from cities and suburbs.

The most significant advantage of owning your own home is the privacy it provides. Owning your own land and detached structure gives you complete freedom to do whatever you want.

If you live in the country, you will not be bound by any rules or regulations imposed by your neighbourhood association.

The disadvantage of living outside of a community is the lack of access to communal amenities. You will be responsible for things like trash removal if you do not have a HOA.

Houses in neighbourhoods frequently have access to community amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centres, and sports courts.


Condominiums, or simply condos from here on out, are individual units within a larger property.

Condos are similar to apartments that are housed within a complex. The distinction between an apartment and a condominium is that condominiums are owned by the resident.

The complex’s other areas are collectively owned by all of its residents. This is not the same as living in an apartment complex where residents are tenants in units owned and maintained by the landlord.

In the case of condominiums, the resident is the homeowner and is responsible for their own unit. Condos enable homeowners to purchase real estate at a lower cost than they would otherwise pay for a house.


Townhomes are another name for townhouses.

Because townhouses are individual homes rather than a collection of units, they have more space than condos. Townhouses are built next to each other, and adjacent homes share one or two walls.

This tends to offer more privacy than a condo, but not as much privacy as a house.

Condos vs Townhouses

Most people know the pros and cons of owning a home. Few people understand the subtle differences between owning a condo and a townhome. Now that we’ve covered the basics of homeownership, let’s focus on comparing condos and townhomes.

Who Owns the Land?

When you own a condo, you only own the space within the unit. Homeowners share common areas with outdoor facilities. Maintenance of these areas is funded by Homeowners Association donations.

If you own a townhouse, you also own the land on which it is built. When it comes to townhomes, very few are community owned.

This is important when determining how much space you need and what maintenance tasks to perform.

Property taxes apply to both condominiums and townhouses.

The structure itself

Condominiums are structured very similar to apartment buildings. The difference is that a homeowner is not owned by a landlord or property management company, but owns the unit itself and has a common interest in the common areas.

4,444 condominium residents co-own space outside the unit. This includes areas such as sheds and garages, swimming pools and the roof of the building itself.

Townhouses are built more like houses than apartments. are connected by a common wall. Townhouses are built narrowly, often two-story or his three-story buildings. townhouses typically provide small front and back yards, which the townhouse owner retains ownership of. Townhouses are very similar to maisonettes and triplexes.

Homeowners Association (HOA)

Homeowners associations, which are also common in neighborhoods and suburbs, are actually often called condo associations.

HOA is the body that oversees and maintains the common facilities of condominium complexes. The HOA is a legal entity and is governed by an Executive Committee elected by the residents of the community. This agency makes management and enforcement decisions on behalf of residents to maintain community property in good standing. HOA is funded by fees collected monthly or annually from homeowners. community meetings are held, attended by apartment owners to make decisions regarding the complex.

The size and performance of the HOA varies by complex. Some of his HOA have low fees and little authority. On the other hand, some of his HOAs charge high fees and wield great power through many rules and regulations.

If you acquire property covered by the HOA, you must remain a member of the HOA and pay the fees. Before purchasing a townhouse or condominium, you should request a copy of your HOA documents to assess the style of your particular HOA.


Condo has a much higher HOA rate than a townhome. This is because condos have a common look and community maintenance that requires funding.

Condos often have amenities such as pools and clubhouses that require financing.

The cost of HOA fees is a trade-off for not having to maintain these areas yourself. Her HOA fee for Condos may include other monthly charges that you will have to pay yourself if you are not in the association. These charges include water, cable, some utilities and services, and insurance.

If you own a townhouse, you can pay the HOA fee, but it will be significantly cheaper. A townhome owner’s HOA fee is usually only covered if a few services are provided, such as trash removal and lawn care.


One of the biggest advantages of condos over townhouses and single-family homes is ease of maintenance.

Many condominium associations help with maintenance in the same way as apartment complexes. HOA can solve the problem of the unit and of course maintain the exterior.

They hire contractors such as gardeners and roofers to maintain the common areas. All of this is paid out of his regular HOA fees.

Townhouses require homeowners to do most maintenance themselves or hire their own contractors. Unlike all townhouses, townhouses may not have a HOA. HOA Rates are low but do not cover major maintenance work such as site maintenance or roof replacement.

Which is right for you? 

Deciding which type of home is right for you is a personal choice. Both condos and townhouses have their pros and cons.

Condos may have increased security features, but you will be closer to your neighbors. Townhouses may have more standard home security measures, but have a little more space. It’s up to your needs and preferences.

Both condos and townhouses are excellent options for first-time homebuyers and those looking to downsize their homes in the future. Both townhomes and condos offer affordable city living with less maintenance than traditional homes.


We hope this guide has given you some insight into how to compare condos, single family homes and townhouses.

Buying real estate is a big purchase and the type of home you buy should be considered carefully.


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