Most Torontonians know real estate is a good investment, but many aren’t entirely sure how it works. What does the process look like? The truth is, there a few basic investment strategies, and they all come with their own pros and cons. While each one can be lucrative, knowing the essentials will help you determine […]

For many buyers, a property inspection is an essential piece of due diligence. Having an impartial expert assess the systems, components, and overall condition of a house allows purchasers to make a truly informed decision. That said, condo hunters are often less sure about whether they should take this step. While there are benefits associated […]

Are you thinking of purchasing a pre-construction condo as an investment? If so, GTA is a great place to do it. With an impressive number of new buildings slated for construction—and plenty more in the pipeline—this city is full of great opportunities for real estate investors. While the search for the right pre-con unit can […]

Should you be doing real estate investment?

“In his final year in the NBA, Danny Granger took home more money from his real estate investments than he did from his Miami Heat Paycheck.”   “Landlords grow rich in their sleep without working, risking or economizing.” – John Stuart Mill, political economist   _____________________________________ “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate […]

Think ahead A significant amount of time will pass between the day you purchase your unit and the date on which you take possession. You can expect to wait several years (typically 3-4) until your condo is completed, and there’s a good chance that you’ll also encounter delays. In other words: before you make a […]

There are many reasons to invest in Canada. The country is beautiful, the people are notoriously kind, the cities are wonderful, the culture is utopian and the food is amazing. But that’s not all. Canada is ideal for business-savvy investors looking to geo-diversify their portfolios and increase their returns in smart investment opportunities…and Canada’s real […]

Pre Construction Condo Closing costs

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What is Pre-Construction Down Payment?

When we decide to purchase the investment property we first decide if we will buy a new condo means a pre- construction or we will buy a resale one which will close sooner than the pre-construction condo. And the major difference is the down payment. And that is something to consider when we are investing […]

Pre-Construction buying process The Process 1) Reach out to an agent Once you’ve decided that investing in a brand new unit is the right choice for you, it’s time to get started! Reach out to an agent with expertise in the pre-construction market. They’ll get the ball rolling by discussing your needs and locating suitable […]